2015-2016 Public Artist Residency at the Bridge

I am thrilled and honored to be named The Bridge PAI‘s first year-long Public Artist. This residency, which begins in September, will allow me to carry out a large-scale theatre & film project called NO WAKE, which will unfold in public in Spring 2016. I will be collaborating with many artists I admire, including members of my theatre company PEP, as well as members of the community. I will be teasing you with more details over the next few months and posting updates on the process and outcome on this blog.


The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is a creative hub, supporting art and civic engagement that pushes cultural boundaries and directly impacts Charlottesville. By placing artists and designers at the forefront of conversations, we use the creative process to educate, empower, energize, and engage Charlottesville. Their vision is for creativity to be valued and supported as a means to improve the cultural, social, environmental, and economic necessities of our community.

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