While You Wait

While You Wait is an ongoing installation & performance offering passersby a temporary and unexpected respite from the daily. Conceived of in the late fall of 2013, WYW is a tiny mobile gallery of mystery I tour around the city of Charlottesville regularly, inviting participants to spend 5 minutes alone with whatever art, performance or object is inside the 6×6 space. The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative has been invaluable in assisting me with logistics, storage, insurance coverage, and materials.  

Free Speech Chalkboard at the east end of the Downtown MallFree Speech Chalkboard at the east end of the Downtown MallAt TEDx Charlottesville in collaboration with Filmmaker Yael MelamedeFour-week "Residency" inside Best BuyAt Let There Be Light, a One-Night Event at PVCCThe Attendant Will Take Care of YouSpudnuts on Avon St.At the Ix Complex for the Bridge's Revel fundraiser