While You Wait


While You Wait is a mobile installation & performance offering passersby an unexpected opportunity for contemplation and meditation. I tour WYW around the city of Charlottesville regularly, performing as the Attendant and inviting participants to spend 5 minutes alone with whatever art, performance or object is inside (or sometimes out the window of) the 6×6 space. Collaborators to date: Edward Thomas, Don Joseph, Walter Lundwall, Abby Kasonik, Ted Coffey, Chip Staples, Yael Melamede, Russell Richards, Alethea Leventhal, Cathy Monnes, Sarah White, Dave Moore, Will May, Marianne Kubik & the UVA drama grad students, Beryl Solla, trees, rain, and the George Rogers Clark statue. 

The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative was invaluable in assisting me with logistics, storage, insurance coverage, and materials.