Plays & Texts

I write plays that can be performed by anybody AND I often collaborate with my theatre company PEP to create performance texts. The latter are written with significant input from PEP company members and are often written to be used in ways not necessarily indicated in the text.

Under 20 minutes

Chapter 11 – Indians in the House (a playscript)

2 M
A 10-minute contemporary serio-comic play about the love between 2 grown brothers, one of whom thinks he’s an 11-year-old Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Seen Not Heard (a playscript)

2 W, 2 M, 2 audience members


One Acts 

What Can Be Thrown Overboard (a playscript)

3 W, 1 M

Evening Length Plays/Texts

Dido vs. The Squid Monster (2007)

2 W

Our American Ann Sisters (2009)

4 W

The Convolution of Pip & Twig (a set of commissioned texts, 2014)

2 W

A story of twins navigating the light and the shadow of a complicated love, through well-worn routines, and epic adventure. Created and performed by PEP’s Kara McLane Burke and Siân Richards.

NO WAKE (2015)

2-5 W, 2 M